Top Five Habits of Peak Performers

I have studied a few peak performers from around the globe and they seem to have something in common – they are creatures of habits.

Usain Bolt may win the 100 meters in less than ten seconds, but there are habits he has developed to arrive at those few seconds of glory. If you do not cultivate the habits that will enable you to perform optimally on the stage of life, you will definitely pay the price for missing out on the prize.

While those habits vary from person to person, there are a few things that seem to be a recurring decimal.

Here, I list the top five habits of successful and inspiring peak performers that I have had the opportunity of relating with.

Welcome Each Day:

First things first! Peak performers that I know are known to welcome their day. They approach each day early and well-planned. They understand the value of starting each day with clear-cut objectives for the day. This, in turn, gives them clarity as to what they want to achieve that day as well as the necessary internal drive to make it happen. A clearly defined purpose gives a positive vibe from within.

Every day is always a gift that should never be traded for anything, and for them, each day plays a unique role in their entire life.

Top inspirational people have a purpose for every single day. They feel the pull to welcome every morning and to give every new day, a bright start.

Push The Limits

Peak performers get out of their comfort zone. Achieving a goal or objective sometimes demand more than was initially anticipated. Giving the situation all it takes to succeed is the defining attribute of winners.

They are not among the millions of people trying to lead their lives the easiest way possible, never pushing limits! They seek to make a difference and thereby climb continually to heights yet unexplored.  

While their journey is laced with the possibilities of not making it, they take all the risks and emerge as stars. After all, the greatest risk is not trying at all.

Learn From Failure

Truth be told – no one likes to fail. It could be discouraging to lose. However, arriving at a victorious end after a long journey of challenges and failures is so glorious.

These peak performers are never afraid of failure. They always look forward to being successful but never fear failure. No doubt, the fear of failure sometimes shows up on their tables. What makes them different is that they always want to fail forward. For them, mistakes are part of the progress made.

They will rather fail while trying to succeed rather than fail doing nothing.

They employ mistakes as teachers and graduate from the school of failure to the azimuth of success to the shame and chagrin of despisers.

Embrace Feedback

There is no doubt that no one wants to be told what he should do or how to do it. But relevant feedback, filtered for the positivity it may bring, could lead a huge breakthrough in life. Any feedback can improve performance and produce a better person.

Top performers love and actively seek to have feedback.

Be Patient

Triumph and success come to those who wait and continue with their efforts and diligence. Nothing happens overnight.

Top performers are known to be patient until they get it right. This may take time, but once over, they become the masters of their craft. They keep going in the right direction. They work hard and eventually carry the trophy in no time.

Peak performance is more about habits than the persons involved. Cultivated habits become a way of life and that is ultimately what you are known for.
You can become a top performer if you are willing to cultivate the habits necessary to take you to the top.

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